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Are you interested in buying Bitcoin easy and safe? Are you looking for a professional retail store with world prices? SalamCrypto is a place where buyers in your region can buy their bitcoin at best prices from online sales experts. Learn how to shop in four easy steps:

در localbitcoins حساب کاربری بسازید

Create an account at Localbitcoin.

We use Localbitcoins.com's powerful and trusted platform to complete all transactions. This method ensures you that your bitcoins are safe, high-speed, and at the most affordable price. In addition, by creating an account on this site, a professional virtual wallet will automatically be created for you, which will make the process more efficient. You can use the SalamCrypto platform to create a dedicated account permanently.

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Open a trade with one of our experts.

Once your account has been created on the Localbitcoins.com website, you can return to the main page on the SalamCrypto and select one of the sales offers provided by our sales experts in the relevant table. By clicking on the Buy button, you will connect to the Expert Buyer panel and you can connect to it online and make your purchase. SalamCrypto team is proud to have always been trying to provide the best prices and services in the field of financial digital currency services for their customers.

Open a trade with one of our experts
مدارک موردنیاز را آپلود کنید

Upload required documents.

In order to comply with the legal guidelines to unpick any money laundering issues in the country, and in order to further ensure security and prevent potential abuse, we need an image of your face alongside your national ID card and bank account card. These documents should be uploaded to the relevant section of the transaction page of each expert. All of these information are stored safely in powerful servers of Localbitcoins.net and is used solely to increase the security of transactions against potential frauds.

Pay to our bank account.

After we have reviewed your submitted images by our experts, we will provide you with our bank account information. Once the payment has been completed, please click on the Mark Payment Complete green button on the transaction page to inform the expert. Most payments from major banks in your (such as the nation, national, etc.) are immediately executed, but some of them may accelerate for a few hours due to network disruptions.

Pay to our bank account
 Receive your bitcoin!

Receive your bitcoin!

After transferring funds to the destination account and verifying payment by the sales expert, Bitcoins will be sent instantly to your Localbitcoins wallet. Congratulations! You easily made your first deal with us. In fact, you have a special access to the entire network of SalamCrypto traders, and based on the best price, you made your purchase smart and with little concern. This means that you do not need to send any photos of yourself to start a new deal, and starting a new deal with each trader will be much easier: starting a deal, paying to our bank account, and receiving your bitcoin!